The Alumni Renewal Offer expired 30 September. Thank you to the over 250 STC alumni who rejoined. Welcome back! If you have questions about the Alumni Renewal Offer, please email Lloyd Tucker, STC Deputy Executive Director.

Discover the New STC!

Thank you for considering renewing your membership for the remainder of 2011 at the special alumni rate of $99. We’re waiving the reinstatement fee, too. And when you rejoin with this offer, we’ll restore the years of membership you previously earned! This will allow you to get back on track for Society honors. New reasons to rejoin include:

Better Communications and Networking Opportunities

STC unveiled a new, cleaner website earlier this year, followed by the launch in May of the MySTC Network. The website recently won an APEX Grand Award for publication excellence and members tell us they love the improved navigation and layout. We’re extremely excited about the MySTC Network, a social networking platform that allows technical communicators to connect and collaborate like never before. Some areas of the network are open to the public, and you can visit and interact with other technical communicators for free at

Free Learning Opportunities

To add more value to your membership dollar, STC now offers free educational seminars as part of your membership. We have begun a library of free archived seminars, with 38 currently available and more to be added every year. See the full list and a demo.

More Educational Offerings

In addition to the free archived seminars, STC has also greatly increased the number and quality of our certificate courses and webinars, with a wide variety of topics and courses for all levels of experience. More than 3,000 attendees have taken advantage of these courses since 2010! And the Technical Communication Summit continues to receive high marks for excellence, bringing technical communicators worldwide together for three days of education and networking.

Online Access to Publications

STC’s award-winning publications, Intercom and Technical Communication, are now online! All members can access the magazine and journal online, with access to both HTML and PDF versions of the publications.

Promoting the Profession

We reached our first goal with the U.S. Department of Labor’s Bureau of Labor Statistics, including “technical writer” as a distinct profession in their annual Occupational Outlook Handbook and separating our unique position from the more common (and lower-paying) writer and editor fields. Our next step is to add “technical communication” as a job category.

A Groundbreaking Certification Program

The STC Board voted at the 2010 Summit to create a certification program, which was launched at the 2011 Summit in Sacramento, CA. Certification provides value to technical communication practitioners, companies, clients, and the Society as well. Learn more about the program.

An Enhanced Community Experience

The Community Affairs Committee allows for two-way communication between the SIG and chapter communities, the Board of Directors, and the staff. This committee provides a method for regular feedback from our communities and a better way to disseminate information.

All of these improvements have changed the Society greatly; we have much more we want to do—and together we can get it done. We want and need experienced professionals such as yourself to help us grow. Returning alumni are invited to contribute expertise, share knowledge, and help us identify ways in which we can continue to improve and transform the profession.

The Board of Directors, current members, and staff firmly believe that—with senior members like you—there’s no limit to what STC can offer. So rejoin today, share your knowledge, network with your peers, rekindle old relationships, and take advantage of all the great new things STC has done while you were gone.

What are you waiting for? Join today and take advantage of the new benefits at STC.