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Each STC member who was inducted as an Associate Fellow at or prior to the 2013 STC annual conference is eligible for consideration for election to the rank of Fellow. Each year, the STC Fellows Committee considers the qualifications of Associate Fellows who submit their credentials to the committee for review, and then submits recommendations for Fellow to the STC Board of Directors. Upon a two-thirds majority vote of the board, the rank of Fellow is conferred upon a recommended Associate Fellow.

Use this application to describe your professional and service activities to the Fellows Committee. The committee members give the information in all the categories equal consideration; none is given more or less weight than another. Use the tables as a guide to formatting the information you provide. You may add as many table rows as you need. Stay within the specified word limits for descriptions; the committee members consider information within those limits. Do not attach cover letters or letters from references. The committee will contact references you provide for additional information regarding your qualifications.

Information in some sections of this application form can relate to content in other sections of the form; it can substantiate earlier or later information. For example, a Distinguished Chapter Service Award in the Honors and Awards section should have corresponding information in the Service to STC section that describes the effort and significant result that led to your receiving the award. (However, do not repeat information. For example, do not list STC publications in both the Publications, Papers, Presentations and Electronic Materials section and the Service to STC section.) Similarly, if you have made conference presentations for an organization other than STC and listed them in the Publications, Papers, Presentations and Electronic Materials section, indicate whether you are a member of that organization in the Affiliations with and Contributions to Other Organizations section. Please be sure to mention your accomplishments in all appropriate sections, but try not to repeat the information.

When describing your accomplishments, please do not use industry-specific or corporation-specific terms without defining them. For example, say “I received Acme Corporation’s highest-level award for interacting with customers, the black belt award,” rather than “I am a black belt at Acme Corporation.”

The office will confirm receipt of your application via email. If you do not receive a confirmation, it remains your responsibility to resubmit your information. In the event of email issues, please contact
Refer to for links to: 1) Fellow Application: Submission Deadline and Procedure and 2) lists of STC Associate Fellows and Fellows.

Please note that the one-time administrative processing fee must accompany your application. This fee is not refundable.