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Sydney, Australia

The Australia Chapter was formed in 2001, with the goal of providing Australian STC members with an opportunity to initiate and become involved in local activities and to discuss local issues.

The purposes for which the Chapter was formed are:

  1. to provide a forum where Australian technical communicators can discuss their work;
  2. to adopt strategies that support active participation by members, irrespective of their location throughout Australia
  3. to promote industry and public awareness about technical communications and technical communicators within Australia;
  4. to provide services for Australian technical communicators in the form of meetings, publications, seminars and conferences;
  5. to assist in establishing and maintaining high standards of technical communication;
  6. to engage in research, education, and publishing activities designed to advance the theory and practice of technical communication;
  7. to guide and inform students and to aid educational institutions in the establishment of curricula for training in technical communication;
  8. to operate within the rules and guidelines established by the Society of Technical Communicators (Inc).
  9. to establish and maintain liaison with other organizations in all matters affecting technical communicators as a group;
  10. to do everything necessary and proper in connection with or incidental to the above purposes.

(Taken from the Chapter’s Constitution)

Name: Steve Salter