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For exceptional service as an innovative usability designer and researcher who has contributed strategic leadership to the STC Body of Knowledge project; for promoting technical communication by sharing best practices in website design; and for involvement in the community and allied professional organizations.


Caroline Jarrett’s primary contribution to technical communication has been her dedication to helping organizations make their forms easier to fill in. She was inspired to this cause by her work at Her Majesty’s Inland Revenue, the UK tax authorities. This led her to improve the design of tax forms and then forms in general. She has a passion for usabil­ity, and especially helping others learn about usability techniques and user-centered design. Caroline has worked with professionals and those aspiring to include usability in their work to help them to design better forms and to learn more about usability by writing papers and online articles, presenting at conferences within technical communication and in other fields, and through her through her books Forms that Work: Designing Web Forms for Usability and User Interface Design and Evaluation.

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