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Christina Mayr Christina Mayr is an Information Architect at Epic Games in Cary, NC. Christina discovered technical writing as a career as an English major at East Carolina University, where she also completed her Master’s. Since 2007, Christina has worked around the Raleigh-Durham area in various industries as a writer, editor, knowledge manager, authoring tools administrator, and everything-content-related-go-to-person. She has consistently started in new-to-her fields while simultaneously learning about and improving whatever came her way. From technical manuals to websites, from training videos to brochures, you can be sure Christina has put her mark on it. To share her love of helping users connect with technology, Christina teaches the Tools Workshop within the Duke Continuing Education Technical Writing Certificate.


An active volunteer with STC Carolina since 2007, Christina has spent countless hours promoting the technical communication profession and assisting students, new professionals, and career changers to thrive in the local market. She has volunteered in nearly every capacity: blog writer and manager, secretary, competitions judge and manager, presenter, two-term president, and mentor. Christina has led several strike teams within the Carolina Chapter, including developing a new website from the ground up and convincing major companies like Madcap to sponsor our activities.


At the national level, Christina was asked to join the Community Task Force; in 2017, a group of like-minded volunteers assessed the state of our communities and recommend improvements to the Board. Christina also contributed to the scholarship committee, ensuring that Carolina’s scholarships had representation for the benefit of future technical communicators. Outside of STC, Christina has presented at NC State’s SIGDOC conference, CIDM DITA North America, and Writers UA East; she has also been invited back to her alma mater several times to speak.


When not working her day job or volunteering—oh and managing a household with two young children—Christina enjoys reviewing and writing resumes and keeping up with the industry via social media, reading blogs, and learning new skills.



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