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Jane Wilson is a technical communicator with more than 18 years of experience working in content development, design, and management in the software industry. She currently works as Director of Technical Writing at GE Digital in San Ramon, CA, where she leads a team of technical communications professionals to deliver quality content for the Brilliant Manufacturing/Automation applications.

A strong advocate for volunteering, Jane is serving her second term as STC Treasurer. During those four years, Jane has gained a deep understanding of the workings of the STC Board and the challenges the Society faces. Her core responsibility as Treasurer is to track and report on the financial performance of STC, and she serves as head of the Finance and Investment Committee. Previously, Jane served two terms as Treasurer for the STC Atlanta Chapter, in addition to participating on several committees. She has been an STC member since 2003, and is currently a member of both the Atlanta and the East Bay Chapters.

Jane is a graduate of Georgia Tech (BS, Industrial Management), University of Florida (MA, English), and University of Georgia (PhD, English).

Candidate Statement

I am committed to promoting technical communication as a profession, and I believe a strong STC is a necessary vehicle in this process. The STC is a unique organization that serves a wide range of members and serves as a standard in the discipline. It’s no secret that the STC has experienced a bumpy road in recent years. We need to strengthen our finances, grow our membership, and refine our strategic goals. I have had the opportunity to have a voice on the Board over the past four years. In that time, we have improved the Society’s position, but we still have work to do.

What do we want to be, and who do we want to serve? As we address our current challenges, the technical communication discipline is spreading out in more directions than ever before. However, the Society cannot be all things to all technical writers.

I believe the primary goal of the Board in the next few years should be to identify new revenue streams and sharpen our strategic direction to provide real value to a membership pool that is expanding, not contracting. We also need to focus on demonstrating value by providing a consistent, strong baseline experience for all of our membership, with an emphasis on those just entering the profession.

We have many opportunities for expanding our value proposition. Growing and promoting the certification program is a key to our advancement. We also have the opportunity to provide strategic education targeted to specific industries. For example, in the software industry, companies are looking for non-traditional writers, people with technical skills that are as strong as their communication skills. These are not our traditional STC members, but we can provide value and education to attract them to our ranks. Offering technical communication education to those outside our profession and developing partnerships with associated organizations are other possible avenues of expansion open to us.

I am excited about the possibilities open to the Society, and I believe the Society has a bright future. It has been a privilege to serve as STC Treasurer, and I have learned much about nonprofit management in general, and STC management in particular, over the past four years. Working with smart, committed, and passionate colleagues on the Board has allowed me to further develop my leadership skills and teamwork.

I would be deeply honored to have the chance to continue to work for STC as Vice President and President as we strengthen and grow the Society together.

LinkedIn – https://www.linkedin.com/in/jane-wilson-594a621

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