Robert Perry



My name is Robert Perry and I am honored to be running as a candidate for the position of Director on the STC Board in the upcoming election.

I am currently a Senior Technical Writer at SAS Institute and was an Instructor with Duke University’s Continuing Studies Technical Communication program. I have been a member of STC for over 25 years and have served in a variety of leadership roles in both the Carolina and New York Metro chapters. I recently served as President of the Carolina Chapter when it received the Community of the Year award, and was honored with a Distinguished Chapter Service Award and Associate Fellow last year.

Throughout my career and personal life, I have been lucky enough to work with very diverse and varied teams. As I advanced to various leadership roles, I welcomed the diversity of ideas, the collective experience and passion of my colleagues and have worked to harness it for the collective good. I have been able to provide the direction, structure, and focus required to help these groups to not only avoid the conflict that sometimes arises when groups of passionate people get together, but deliver better, more realized outcomes.

Although differing opinions may ensue, we all have a common goal and a good leader can bring those disparate parts together to obtain that goal. In that leadership role, I have the ability to communicate and work with each team member, obtain the information I need, and produce results that mirrors each person’s contribution to the final product. Diversity brings about new and challenging ideas that others might not have thought of, often resulting in a better, more realized outcome. As a leader of such groups, I have been able to provide direction, structure, and focus. As a Director, I hope to take this same philosophy to identify and meet the needs of current members, as well as connect with new members and grow both the profession and the Society. I believe that it is only through the profound respect for the diversity of our collective ideas, experience and passion paired with strong leadership that we will be able to meet the challenges and embrace the opportunities ahead of us.

I consider my experience with STC to be an important and pivotal asset of my career and I would like to be a part of its continued growth in numbers and respect in the industry. As Education Liaison for the Carolina Chapter I found myself speaking regularly with various education and other groups about the benefits of STC membership. As President of the Carolina Chapter, I was in constant communication with other leaders in the Society and found that interaction both informative and rejuvenating. I definitely have the leadership and communication skills to serve as a communication link between the Board of Directors and the members, communities, committees, and programs to which I am assigned.

I have enjoyed watching the field of technical communication grow and explode into so many different areas and opportunities, and become more respected over the years. I thoroughly enjoy what I do and can’t imagine a more perfect fit and career for myself.  STC has played a large role in my success over the years and I would like to continue giving back to the organization.

So who is the “ideal” Board member? For me, that person is someone who is passionate about the Society and the industry, and has committed themselves to its continued growth and success. Such an individual has to be willing to give of themselves, their time, and their energy to ensure the expansion and success of the organization and its members. I feel that I am that individual and would appreciate your vote to ensure we continue promoting and advancing the work of technical communicators and our industry.

You can find more information about me by visiting my section on the STC election website or my LinkedIn page at

I would be extremely grateful for your support.


Robert Perry

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