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Timothy Esposito, an STC Associate Fellow, is a principal technical writer at Oracle Corp. in Philadelphia, PA. His technical communication career began nearly 17 years ago when a past employer tasked him to first conduct, and then improve, a training class. Currently he works on teams with members living across the globe, from India through Europe, and across the United States.

After joining STC in 2005, Timothy started a scholarship program for undergraduates, for which he helped earn the Philadelphia Metro Chapter a Pacesetter Award. He has helped plan the PMC Conferences since 2008, as well as the Regional TechComm Competition with New York Metro and other chapters. He has been on the PMC board of directors for more than 10 years, serving as Treasurer for five years, as Vice President, as Webmaster, and now as President.  He earned a Distinguished Chapter Service Award in 2015.

At the Society level, Timothy participated in the 2012 and 2015 budget review committees which reviewed all the submitted budgets for both SIGs and chapters. In 2015, he joined the STC Community Affairs Committee (CAC) as their webmaster and published several Best Practices articles on the CAC website (www.cac-stc.org). For the CAC, Timothy has worked with chapters to transfer their web hosting to STC, and to troubleshoot technology issues. Also, he has hosted and co-presented CAC webinars on topics ranging from managing chapter finances to attracting new members. After serving on the Scholarship Task Force, Timothy joined the new Scholarship Committee in 2016. Timothy’s book reviews have appeared in Technical Communication since early 2016.

Candidate Statement

STC provides unique services that benefit its members and the industry. The Society’s continuing education and networking opportunities set members on the path to becoming leaders in their workplaces and the profession.

In my role as technical communicator, I aim to make people’s lives easier. STC has introduced me to best practices that have improved, and that continue to inspire, the products I offer my clients. Further, volunteering with STC has enabled me to develop essential leadership skills. Now I would like to use those skills to assist STC and to guide new members into similar leadership opportunities.

Like all organizations, STC is a living entity, powered by the individual members and their contributions. As our world changes, STC must evolve to match the new needs of its members. I hope that by joining the board, I can help guide that direction, making the Society a stronger and better community, while improving the industry of technical communication.







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