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Jackie Damrau is a Senior Business Systems Analyst and Scrum Master at a global commercial real estate company in Dallas, TX. An active STC member since 1993, Jackie has filled many STC roles:

  • Local chapter, North Texas Lone Star: Jackie held several chapter offices and is a past chapter president; she also co-chaired the 2006 Region 5 conference, served as the Newsletter Editor, and judged and chaired the chapter’s Competitions.
  • International SIGs: Jackie has served as the SIG manager for the Management SIG and the Instructional Design & Learning SIG; past webmaster for both SIGs; and Newsletter Editor for both SIGs.
  • International involvement: Jackie served as a competitions judge for many years, worked on the task force to redesign the Competitions into the International Summit Awards (ISA), and then served as ISA Chair. She has also served on the Nominating Committee as an elected member from 2007–2009 and chaired the Nominating Committee in 2009–2010. Other service has been as a member of the Jay R. Gould and Frank R. Smith committees, Associate Fellows and Fellows committees. Currently, Jackie is serving as a member of the Distinguished Community Service Awards committee; as a Senior Advisor to the Community Affairs Committee; and for the last 6 years as the Book Review Editor for the Technical Communication

Jackie received her STC Associate Fellow in 2006 and her Fellow in 2008.

Throughout Jackie’s time in STC, she has upheld the STC ethics, always been willing to mentor others in STC and in the technical communication field, and has been available to serve where asked.

Jackie has chosen to run once again for the Nominating Committee to offer her support to this committee by using her network of contacts and her knowledge of STC practices to find the right nominees for the right positions. She has considered running for other Board positions, yet is not able to commit to the time commitments those roles require.

Jackie, when not working at her day job and editing book reviews for STC, spends her time raising her grandchildren (13 and 6) full-time.

Website: https://sites.google.com/site/jdamraustc2018/