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I am an STC Fellow and founder-member of the STC India Chapter. I am an Electronics Engineer and Post-graduate in Marketing Management. I believe in continuous learning and enroll myself in many courses every year (I am not going to make you read that list!)

I came into Technical Writing as a freelancer in 1994, and I am running my own company, Technowrites, since then. I have worked on 750 projects for 300 clients in more than 8 countries, in various capacities, with cross-cultural teams.

I have trained an entire generation of Technical Writers, and STC recognized my efforts by referring to me as “Father of Technical Communication in India” in the Associate Fellow Award Catalogue.

I promote having a double-career and am into it for over a decade. While working as a TW (and ID), I am working as a corporate trainer for more than 15 years and have been closely associated with academia. As a board member, I helped design India’s very first Post-Graduate Diploma in Technical Communication for University of Pune (India). I worked as a Mentor with the Entrepreneurship Development Cell of Indian Institute of Technology, Powai (Mumbai, India); and as a course designer for Indira Gandhi National Open University (IGNOU), New Delhi (India.) I am currently serving as a visiting faculty at Flame University, Pune (India.)

STC Service Overview

  • President of STC India in 2005 and 2016 [in the respective following years the chapter received Award of Excellence (2006), and Community of Gold as well as Pacesetter Award (2017)]
  • Founder Member of STC India Chapter
  • STC India Membership Manager and Pune City Representative (intermittently for many years in the period 1999 to 2013)
  • STC India Annual Conference Manager (2000, 2003, 2008)
  • STC India Competitions Judge
  • STC India Conference Committee Member (14 times out of the 19 conferences conducted so far)
  • STC Singapore Event Team Member (2002)
  • STC Worldwide Membership Co-manager
  • STC Accessibility SIG Membership Manager
  • Community Achievement Awards & Pacesetter Awards Committee Member (2015, 2017, 2018)
  • Recipient of Distinguished Chapter Service Award (forgot the year when I got it!)

How am I different

As STC Members you are well-aware of the director’s responsibilities. The nominating committee has already identified candidates most-suitable candidates who have what it takes. Here is how I am different.

I have seen STC India grow from an infant to an adult (running 20 now) and have been an active part of that development.

I have almost 24 years of (roller coaster) experience as an entrepreneur. That has developed a unique set of skills, including an eye for market under-currents, risk-taking ability, deep understanding of finances, and leading from the front! I consider failures as a step in the success. This is my fourth nomination for STC Director’s post (and I can tell you what I learned every time!)

I can see STC from outside the US. With the unique international experience, I will bring a global perspective to the board.

The best thing about STC is its democratic leadership. As a proud Indian, democracy is in my blood. Like India, STC too is a melting pot of individuals with diverse thinking. I have already attended many STC Summits and have even presented at a few.

With more than 50 videos and 1,50,000 views, my YouTube channel ( is more interesting than my LinkedIn page. To delve into my knowledge territory, read my articles online (published in Intercom and Indus.) It will be an honor to answer questions from all of you!

Spirituality gives a strong foundation to my life (and sense of humor gives it colors!) I am a person of limited needs, but BIG ambitions! If you think I am worth giving an opportunity, I am at STC’s service!