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Pam Estes Brewer is a technical communicator, educator, and management consultant.  She teaches in Mercer University’s School of Engineering and directs the online MS in Technical Communication Management.  She works with remote teams, and her book entitled International Virtual Teams: Engineering Global Success was published in 2015 by Wiley. She also directs the Mercer User Experience Lab and its work with such organizations as the Department of Homeland Security.  Before becoming a full-time educator, Pam worked as a communication analyst and technical writer for such companies as LexisNexis® and Cincom.

Now a Fellow in STC, Pam’s STC membership spans 25 years.  As part of her service to STC, she has managed the Academic SIG, served as a program co-chair for the STC Summit, chaired the Gould Committee, and worked on the TC Body of Knowledge.  She has received the Jay R. Gould Award for Excellence in Teaching, the STC President’s Award for her work with students and young professionals in STC, and the Distinguished SIG Service Award.  She also helped found and coordinate four years of the STC Academic SIG Pre-Conference in partnership with the Council for Programs in Technical and Scientific Communication.

Currently, Pam serves as an Associate Editor for IEEE Transactions on Professional Communication and as a board member for the Wesley Foundation of Macon.

Pam earned her Ph.D. in Technical Communication and Rhetoric from Texas Tech University.  You can view her credentials on LinkedIn at

Candidate Statement

STC continues to innovate and serve the field of technical communication in the midst of an economy and information industry that change every single day. It serves as a hub for networking and ongoing education; no other organization serves such an over-arching role in the field.  As a board member, I will focus on two primary areas of growth for the Society:  developing our professional status and building bridges forward and across our field.

STC has made significant contributions to professionalizing the field of technical communication.  It is building a professional body of knowledge, working as a professional society to certify practitioners, publishing an award-winning magazine and journal, and supporting a code of ethics.  These steps are crucial in professionalizing any field.  In addition, we should increase our ability to share knowledge with universities as they prepare professionals, and we should research new ways to measure return on investment when organizations invest in technical communication.  By pursuing these roads to professional status, we can provide a strong ROI for every STC stakeholder.

To build ROI for STC, we also need to increase our bridges forward and across the field of technical communication. We foster important communication networks within our SIGS and our chapters.  We should also increase opportunities between industry and academy, international collaborations, and communication between STC staff and membership.  Such bridges will strengthen our Society and its ability to represent membership in the global market.

Thank you for this opportunity to run for Vice President of the STC.  I welcome the opportunity to contribute to STC’s future as part of a valued, global profession.

Video candidate statement: