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Welcome! Bienvenue ! Willkommen! Welkom! Benvenuto! The Europe SIG addresses the challenges of technical communication in Europe.

Meeting the imperatives of multi-language publications, ensuring conformity with a changing regulatory environment, and working in diverse cultures and languages (and perhaps different versions of English) can present many challenges.

Dealing with Europe-specific issues is important for technical communicators in Europe and outside Europe as well due to the advancing globalisation of industries, technologies, and marketplaces. The STC Europe SIG is one of the ways in which these challenges can be addressed.

The Europe SIG seeks to advance the goals of the Society by working with individuals and groups across Europe to promote technical communication. The Europe SIG can give STC members who are based in Europe a collective voice in their region and seeks to establish a dialogue with existing organisations, such as TCeurope, in a spirit of sharing and co-operation and not as a competitor. The Europe SIG aims to help share information between members on dealing with the challenges and opportunities of working across Europe. If you’re interested in joining a team focussed on European issues related to technical communication, then join the Europe SIG. Membership in the Europe SIG is open to STC members who are interested in European technical communications issues, whether they are based in or outside Europe. For further information about the SIG, contact the manager.

Name: Ann Wiley