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Kelly Schrank has been in technical and medical communication for over 20 years. After stints as a medical editor, communications manager, and technical writer in pharmaceutical, cybersecurity, and many other industries, she has just started her own business Bookworm Editing Services, with a focus on formatting and editing formulary dossiers for pharmaceutical clients. She also edits proposals, marketing materials, slide decks, websites, training materials, and many other types of technical documents.

Kelly has a Master’s degree in Technical Communication from Minnesota State University, Mankato. She has taught Technical Communication to students from varied majors at Morrisville State College. Professional interests and speaking topics include side gigs, checklists and other editor tools, networking for introverts, and style guides. Kelly has spoken at Interchange, Conduit, Spectrum, and Summit.

Kelly is an Associate Fellow of STC and was the recipient of a Distinguished Chapter Service Award in 2017 in addition to other chapter-level awards. Kelly is the current President of the STC Rochester Chapter, after stints as the Program Manager and Co-chair for Spectrum. She has been active in the Suncoast, Mid-South, and Rochester chapters and a member of most of the SIGs at one time or another. Kelly is active in the Technical Editing SIG and was a member of the Intercom Editorial Advisory Committee. Also active in the American Medical Writers Association (AMWA), she was the Annual Conference Administrator for 2017; she has been published in the AMWA Journal and has spoken at the AMWA Annual Conference.