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Kirk St.Amant is the Eunice C. Williamson Chair in Technical Communication and a member of the Center for Biomedical Engineering and Rehabilitation Science (CBERS) at Louisiana Tech University.  He is also an Adjunct Professor of Technical Communication with the University of Limerick in Ireland and a Guest Professor of Usability Studies with Southeast University in China.  He researches how cognitive processes affect the usability of technologies in health and medical contexts and in online education.

Kirk regularly consults for government organizations including the Louisiana State Department of Public Health and for industry clients like the Braun Lift Corporation.  He has consulted for non-profits like the Humanitarian Demining Information Center (HDIC) and is a Research Fellow with the Center for Assurance, Deterrence, Escalation, and Nonproliferation Science & Education (CADENSE) think tank.

Currently on the Editorial Board for STC’s journal Technical Communication, Kirk also contributes two columns (“The Cognitive Communicator” and the new “Health and Medical Communication”) to STC’s Intercom magazine and serves on Intercom’s Editorial Board.  Additionally, Kirk is co-manager and special projects coordinator for STC’s new Health and Medical Communication SIG.  A former chair of STC’s Jay R. Gould Award and Frank R. Smith Award Committees, Kirk has served on STC’s Associate Fellows and Fellows Committees and regularly presents at STC chapter meetings and Summits.  He is a contributor of STC webinars and online courses including intercultural communication and cognition and usability.

Kirk’s LinkedIn profile is available at and examples of his research can be found at