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For his work in the field of online help and user assistance and for his many presentations and publications that have made him a strong influence in the field of user assistance and online help.


Scott DeLoach is the founder of ClickStart, a user experience design, consulting, and training company. Scott has been a leader in the field of user assistance, especially in the areas of embedded user assistance and online help. He is a certi­fied Flare, RoboHelp, and Captivate instructor and is the author of MadCap Flare for RoboHelp Users, CSS to the Point, and HTML5 to the Point. He has received International Distinguished Communication awards in STC’s online, print, newsletter, and chapter publicity competitions, and he received the Frank R. Smith Award for an outstanding Technical Communication journal article about research on game design. Scott holds a Master’s degree in technical and scientific communication from Miami University, where he was a founding member of the Miami University student chapter.

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