Beth Agnew – Associate Fellow

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For a lifetime of continued dedication to technical communication as an ongoing learner, professor, and advocate, and for passionate promotion of both the profession and the practice.


Beth Agnew is one of the first Certified Professional Technical Communicators. She has worked in over a dozen jobs in the field, sometimes without realizing she was even a part of the field at all! Beth is an educator, a consultant, and a renowned expert in our community.

Beth, like many in our field, stumbled into technical writing. While serving in the Navy—telecommunications, to be exactBeth’s superiors found her verbal and writing skills perfect for training others and writing documentation. After 10 years in the military, Beth went back to school and continued to work in technical communication. After graduation, she worked as a story editor, a writer, and a developer of online education.

Beth pursued masters-level studies in technical communication at Utah State University and joined STC Toronto in 1997. She demonstrates an incredible passion for technology and communication in the work she does, including as a professor at Seneca College.

She believes that our skills lie in being able to make sense of any topic for any audience and thinks technical communication is the perfect field to be in. As she has said herself, “We have to be life-long learners, and always be looking for opportunities to ply our trade on behalf of our users. The more technically complex the world gets, the more we are needed.”