Janette Lynch – Associate Fellow

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For your long-term, unwavering commitment to the Society; for promoting the profession outside of North America; and for your enthusiasm and drive to revive and keep STC European chapters vibrant, viable, and valuable.

Janette Lynch has 20 years’ international experience in technical communication and holds an MS in technical communication management. Her career as a technical communicator began in Paris, where she attended the American University of Paris to study technical writing, and she has since lived and worked in several European and U.S. cities.

Janette has been a faithful member of STC for as long as she has been working in the profession. In 2008, she joined other volunteers to revive the TransAlpine Chapter covering Western Europe. Janette worked with the chapter to boost membership and to bring STC back to the forefront of technical communication in the member countries. In collaboration with the France Chapter, Janette and the TAC board instrumented the successful Content Strategy 2010 conference, which won the prestigious STC Pacesetter Award. Janette currently works as a senior technical writer and content strategist for an application security company in Boston.