Linda Enders Roberts – Associate Fellow

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For your continuing efforts in emphasizing the importance of accessible communications, your dedication to teaching in the classroom and the workplace, and your leadership and service to STC and other communities.

Linda Enders Roberts hails from Wauwatosa, WI, and is a proud graduate of the University of Wisconsin at Madison and North Carolina State University.

She has worked for the past 21 years as a corporate technical communicator, authoring award-winning manuals, case studies, websites, and various other types of traditional and multi-media documentation.

She is a life-long Girl Scout, and has internationally represented the Girl Scouts of the United States, both formally and through her world travel with the young ladies in her care. She writes for the STC’s Intercom magazine, has presented at three STC Summits, and is a certified Project Management Professional.

She lives in Durham, North Carolina with her husband and their yellow lab, Biscuit.