Lori Meyer – Associate Fellow

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For your outstanding, selfless service to the profession and the Society through innovative uses of Web technologies to maintain a virtual, enthusiastic presence in multiple geographically disbursed STC communities.


Lori Meyer was born in the Chicago area and raised in the midwest. She began her technical communication career as a technical editor, and has been an editor, writer, help author, and Web developer throughout her career.

Lori has a Bachelor of Arts degree in English from Buffalo State College and a Master of Science degree in instructional technology from Rochester Institute of Technology.

Lori joined the Rochester chapter of STC in the mid-1980s, where she has volunteered in many roles, including employment manager, online communications manager, competition judge, recording secretary, conference program chair, and membership manager. Lori created the chapter’s first website, positioning the chapter as an early adopter of Web technology.

She relocated to northern California in 1998, and continues to serve as a virtual volunteer in Rochester and other STC communities, including the East Bay, Carolina, Northeast Ohio, and Palm Beaches chapters. She is currently serving as co-manager of the Technical Editing SIG. She has also participated in Society initiatives, including the Membership and Community Affairs Committees.

Lori has received several STC awards, including an Award of Merit for the Rochester chapter website, and an Award of Excellence for a user manual. In addition, she has received the STC Distinguished Chapter Service award, as well as the Rochester chapter’s Barbara Knight Most Valuable Member Award and the Carl E. Klug President’s Award.