Mark H. Clifford – Associate Fellow

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For continuous and passionate promotion of the profession of technical com­munication and its practitioners across the globe and for conscientious, wise, and distin­guished service as an STC executive leader.


Mark H. Clifford trained with BAC’s publications department and is a graduate of the University of Luton’s Business Program. He has worked as editor, writer, manager, and recruiter, primarily with publications consulting and service companies across Europe. With three of these companies he held board-level positions. Mark is CEO of Clifford Sells, a technical communication outsourcing, consulting, and resourcing company. Clifford Sells provides solutions for European and North American clients from offices in the UK and the U.S. Twice UK Chapter president, Mark served on the main STC Board of Directors from 2006–2010. He was the first non–North American to serve as STC President.