Marta Rauch – Associate Fellow

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For demonstrated excellence in writing, continued service to the technical communication profession, and shared strategies for adapting new technologies such as enterprise gamification and mobile usability.


Marta Rauch has made many valuable contributions to advancing the technical communication profession throughout her 24-year career.

Currently a principal information developer and team lead at Oracle, Marta is active in STC and other professional organizations. An STC member since 1989, Marta is a prolific contributor to STC, including presenting at STC Silicon Valley Chapter meetings, STC Summits, and STC webinars. She has served as an STC Silicon Valley mentor, volunteering her time to help new writers develop expertise. She also participated in the STC Summit Proposal Committee and judged the Touchstone Northern California Technical Communication Competition and the STC International Summit Awards.

Marta has helped advance the technical communication field by publishing numerous articles and presenting on strategies for adapting to new technologies, such as mobile and gamification. Her articles have appeared in STC’s Intercom, IEEE electronic libraries, the WritersUA website, and the Center for Information Development Management’s Best Practices. In 2012, she was listed as one of the 400 Most Influential in Technical Communication and Content Strategy.

Her mastery of technical communication is demonstrated by the 15 STC awards she has earned for individual and team documentation projects at the regional and international level.

Marta holds a BA with Honors from Stanford University, a teaching credential for high-school English, and a certificate from UC Extension in managing the development of technical communication. She is also certified by the Engagement Alliance as a gamification designer.