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For thought leadership in content strategy and management, for advancing the profession by generously sharing her knowledge, and for long, dedicated service to the STC Wisconsin Chapter.


Mollye Barrett is a veteran technical communicator, content strategist, and content management consultant. Her career focuses on optimizing content, improving the authoring environment, and planning for business continuity. In her work with publication groups, Mollye focuses on content production and curation that includes content management supported by a business case, single-source writing, and localization. For more than 30 years, Mollye has worked in the technical publications arena with hardware, software, and localization companies. Her foray into content management started in 1994, when she was tasked with translating 35 manuals into 12 languages in 6 weeks. Since then, she has been a content management hunter-gather focusing on emerging technologies.

Currently, Mollye manages a team of Information Developers at Rockwell Automation. The group develops online user assistance for Rockwell Controls and Visualization engineered software. Previously, Mollye was a vendor-neutral content management consultant at ClearPath, LLC. Her work there included technical communication development focused on business case, ROI, content reuse, document analysis, workflow analysis, localization, single-source writing, and document conversions.

Mollye served the STC Wisconsin Chapter from 1997–2012 as President, Vice President, Program Manager, and Mentoring Program Manager. She founded the STC Wisconsin Mentoring Program in 1999 with a funding grant from STC and received the Distinguished Chapter Service Award in 2002 for her mentoring work. In addition, Mollye worked as STC Body of Knowledge Editor-in-Chief from 2009–2012, Single Sourcing SIG Manager from 2010 to 2014, and served in various Region 6 conference roles from 1996–2002. Mollye was honored with the R6 Director Sponsor Award in 1997 for her dedication to the conference. She became an STC Associate Fellow in 2013.

Mollye has a keen attention to detail and a genuine interest in the work of others. Some of her greatest skills are in understanding the scope of a project, creating a plan with a timeline, conveying information to stakeholders, and seeing projects through to a successful end. Her constant goal is to make working with others a positive, professional experience. She strives to be a leader in her field, a genuine mentor, and one who is part of a rising tide that lifts all boats.

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