Rachel Houghton – Associate Fellow

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For enthusiastically promoting technical communication at both the community and Society levels, optimizing social media and networking to share the STC story, and for embracing innovative technological trends for professional advancement.


Rachel Houghton’s versatile career in technical communication as a lone writer, contractor, and employee in various industries has embodied the spirit of STC. In addition to her technical capabilities, her natural mentoring and networking capabilities convey an openness that underscores a drive to share the STC story.

Rachel has been Secretary for STC, program chair of the STC Summit, competition judge, and book reviewer for the STC journal, Technical Communication. She is currently the chair of the STC 60th Anniversary Task Force. Rachel is and has been actively involved in the STC Willamette Valley community, holding many positions on the leadership council, including chapter president.

Rachel’s heavy influence and accomplishments in social media circles include honorable mention on the 2010 Top 25 Most Influential Bloggers in Technical Communication from Mindtouch. In 2011 she ranked #33 in the Top 400 Most Influential in Technical Communication and Content Strategy. In 2009 and 2010, she used her social media skills to keep an active presence in the months preceding the conference. Rachel’s Klout score reflects her influence on topics related to STC and technical communication. During the 2012 STC Summit, Rachel was #4 on the top 12 Twitter handles as compiled by Ben Woelk and the #2 top user as collected by Karen Mardahl.

Since 1999, Rachel has been a member of the National Association of Photoshop Professionals and STC’s unofficial photographer at many STC events, with many of her photographs appearing in STC publications.