Rick Sapir – Associate Fellow

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For his innovation in providing technology-based solutions to promote the Society, his unflagging dedication to his STC communities, and his zeal for sharing knowledge.


Rick Sapir is a senior technical writer for Oracle Corporation. He primarily works on documenting Java-based applications, embedding and integrating online help systems, single-sourcing and content reuse, as well as general workflow improvements.

For over 15 years, Rick has written, edited, and designed technical information in a wide variety of industries, ranging from health care procurement to retail automation to software development. Rick was a key member for migrating technical documentation from print to online delivery (first using dial-up BBSes) and establishing a disk-to-film process for magazine publication.

Rick is webmaster for the STC Technical Editing SIG and for the STC Carolina Chapter, including its newsletter, the Carolina Communiqué. While Rick has served in this capacity, the communities have won numerous Apex Awards of Excellence for the websites and electronic newsletters. Rick has also assisted the Scientific Communication SIG and the Single-Sourcing SIG in developing an online strategy.

Rick is co-founder and webmaster of KeyContent.org, which promotes the profession through crowd-sourced wiki-based articles on technical communication. He is also a board member of the Tiki Software Community Association, an incorporated nonprofit entity that supports Tiki Wiki CMS groupware and the Tiki community.