Links of Interest, 14 January: User Guides,, Translation, and More

You likely know how much it costs to write a user guide; David Farbey blogs about how much it might cost if you don’t write one.

The Canadian version of predicts the hot careers in 2011; check out a few techcomm-related ones under “creative and service.” 

A List Apart delves into the issues surrounding book design for ebooks.

What positions should be on a technical communication team? Writing Assist presents their thoughts.

Are you translating Word docs? Here are four things to avoid before translating from Globalization Partners International.

Wikipedia celebrates its 10th anniversary this weekend, and GigaOM says that, for all Wikipedia’s flaws, that’s the way information works now.

Adobe introduced Technical Communication Suite 3 this week.

And finally, congrats to STC President Michael Hughes for snagging two of the top ten most-read blog entries at during the fourth quarter of 2010.

1 thought on “Links of Interest, 14 January: User Guides,, Translation, and More”

  1. Kevin,
    I wanted you to know how much I appreciate these “links of interest” posts. They allow me to read industry-relevant articles that, for the most part, I wouldn’t have found on my own. As I’ve read the articles, I have found much fodder for thought, topics for further study, and information that I’ve passed on to my fellow writers at work. Thank you!

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