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Community Spotlight: “Your Brain on Powerpoint: Better Presentations Through Science”
We've got a new community webinar coming up from the IDL SIG: "Your Brain on Powerpoint: Better Presentations Through Science" with Robert Hershenow. This 101-level course should prove useful to anyone who struggles with creating effective and engaging PowerPoint presentations.
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CPTC Textbook Winners Announced
Last week, the STC membership department had a contest to give away copies of STC’s CPTC (Certified Professional Technical Communicator)
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STC’s New “Women in Tech Comm” SIG is Looking for Members!
By Nicky Bleiel | STC-WTC SIG Manager STC has a new Special Interest Group (SIG) this year, Women in Tech
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Weekly Education Roundup: Transform Your Docs into Usable Content with Template-Driven Design
School’s back in session! We’ve got some great webinars and online courses coming up. Make the most of your membership by beefing up your education report card.
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Community Spotlight: STC Community Competitions
Each year, STC’s communities sponsor competitions through which technical communicators have the opportunity to receive recognition for their work. Entries in the community competitions may receive an Excellence, Distinguished, or Merit Award. Each entry is judged against criteria that measure the degree of technical content, achievement of purpose, and technical execution, whether online or in a printed deliverable.
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What the Fox Says: STC President’s Quarterly Report
We’re a few months into the 2017-2018 board year and into working with our new CEO, Liz Pohland, and I couldn’t be more thrilled at the progress STC is making.
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