If you want to take your technical editing skills to the next level, this week's webinars and courses are for you.


What if style guides weren't static, but instead assisted you interactively as you wrote? That technology is aleady here. In tomorrow's webinar, Interactive Intelligent Style Guides with George Bina, you'll learn all aspects of an interactive intelligent style guide, covering both the writer’s perspective (the user of the style guide), and the information architect’s role (the person that creates and maintains the style guide). This webinar takes place 23 January at 2:00 PM EST (GMT-5). 

It's a webinar double-header! On 24 January, we have another editing-related webinar: Proofreading—A Fresh Look with Karen Tkaczyk. We edit and proofread every day. Becoming more effective in these areas obviously improves quality; sometimes it improves the bottom line as well. Karen will pass on concrete tips that we can use straight away in our work—tips that she has applied, built up and practiced for years. This webinar will skip the basics of what we are looking for and talk about how to do it well. This webinar takes place 24 January at 2:00 PM EST (GMT-5).

24 January marks the beginning of STC's newest online course: Advanced Technical Editing with Kit Brown-Hoekstra! In this course, you will build your editorial skills while also learning about strategies for improving your processes and global readiness. Because the best way to become a better editor is to practice, we will have exercises and projects throughout the course. In addition, you will receive job aids, recommended reading, and other resources that you can use in your work. The course runs on Thursdays at 11:00 AM-12:30 PM EST (GMT-5) from 24 January through 28 February. Enroll today!


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