Links of Interest, 12 August: Social Media, Content Strategy, Infographics, and More

CMS Wire presents Social Media Marketing 101.  

There’s a need for technical communicators in every industry, as this article from the journal Nature demonstrates.  

Business Insider profiles a man they call “one of the most social people in social business,” Tristan Bishop.  

A company’s website might be the first thing a potential customer sees; so why, asks Slate, are so many restaurant websites bad?  

The Tech-Whirl blog revisits the tried-and-true “Everything I need to know about X I learned in high school” format.  

Brain Traffic goes over some common content strategy scenarios and the results.  

Forbes magazine takes a look at infographics, evaluating the FDA’s change from a food pyramid to plate based solely on the infographics.  

Every Page is Page One suggests that you might never hear someone say they love their CMS.   

And finally, next week is “Technical Writers Week” on the Future Ready blog. Be sure to check it out each day!