Links of Interest, 16 December: Blogging, Asia, Key Skills, and More

CBS News asks if you’re sure your company blog is legal and presents some takeaways from a lesson learned about plagiarism.  

Sitepoint presents some notes on designing websites for the Asian market.  

The Sunday Times writes about how companies are using computer games and Web and mobile apps for workplace training.  

Kai Weber looks back at what he believes are the top three techcomm lessons of 2011 …  

… while The Content Wrangler looks ahead to 2012 and says that techcomm’s biggest challenge is “thinking differently about being different.”  

GigaOM also looks to the future, with their picks for the 10 key skills for the future of work; many are already a huge part of a technical communicator’s arsenal  

What might a technical communicator ask Santa for? Here’s TechWhirl’s take.  

And finally, while most know about the “Oxford Comma,” the blog Fritinancy puts forth the “Donner Party Comma”—the comma that makes all the difference between “Let’s eat, Grandma” and “Let’s eat Grandma.”

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