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Below is an always-evolving set of links to blogs about technical communication. I've sorted them into the following three areas:

1. Mindtouch's Top 25 Most Influential Technical Communication Bloggers
2. Techcomm blogs by other STC members
3. Techcomm blogs by non-STC members and other blogs of interest

For this last one, I'll just take your submissions; you know the good ones better than I do!

If you'd like to see a blog linked in either of the last two categories, please email me and I'll add it. This is and will always be a work in progress! Let me know if there are any broken links as well. Thanks, and happy reading!

Mindtouch's Top 25 Most Influential Technical Communication Bloggers

  1. Adobe in Technical Communication and eLearning, RJ Jacquez**
  2. I'd Rather Be Writing, Tom Johnson**
  3. The Content Wrangler, Scott Abel**
  4. Scriptorium, Sarah O’Keefe
  5. Cherryleaf Technical Authors Blog, Ellis Pratt
  6. Just Write Click, Anne Gentle**
  7. Communications from DMN, Aaron Davis and Scott Nesbitt
  8. ffeathers – a technical writer's blog, Sarah Maddox
  9. CyberText Newsletter, Rhonda Bracey**
  10. one man writes, Gordon McLean
  11. Scriptorium, Simon Bate
  12. TechCommDood, Bill Swallow**
  13. Scriptorium, Alan Pringle
  14. Gryphon Mountain Journals, Ben Minson**
  15. The Robo Colum(n), Colum McAndrew
  16. 2moroDocs – new-age technical communication trends, Julie Norris
  17. Technically Speaking, Paul Pehrson**
  18. When the Muse Strikes, Rahul Prabhakar
  19. I Heart Technical Writing, Ivan Walsh
  20. KnowledgeBishop's Mission, Tristan Bishop**
  21. GRAFIX Training, Matt Sullivan
  22. Ideas in the Making, Bill Albing
  23. HelpScribe Technical Writing, Craig Haiss
  24. David Farbey, Technical Writer, David Farbey
  25. ITauthor, Alistair Christie

**STC member

STC Member Blogs

A Blog for Writers and Authors, John Hedtke
Communication Rising, Lori Meyer
Connecting to Content, Peggy Harvey
Content for a Convergent World, Peg Mulligan
content {notes}, Louellen Coker
Critical Reflections, Saul Carliner
DITA Chicks, Karen Lowe and Lu Hall
Effective Graphs, Naomi Robbins
Enjoy Technical Writing, Vinish Garg
Flare for Programmers, Thomas Tregner
The Humane Experience, Michael Hughes
Hyper/Word, Neil Perlin
Infosec Communicator, Ben Woelk
Larry Bonura's Blog, Larry Bonura
Leadership with Style, Alyssa Fox
LO Writing, Linda Oestreich
Managing Writers, Richard Hamilton
On Language and Translation, Barbara Jungwirth
ProSpring, Jack Molisani
Rachel Houghton, Rachel Houghton
Rant of a Humanist Nerd, Ray Gallon
Save the Semicolon, Robert Levy
SDICorp, Larry Kunz and Julio Vazquez
Technical Communication Camp, Nicky Bleiel
TechnicalWriterVinayBhagat, Vinay Bhagat
The TechnoGeek Diaries, Leah Guren
TechScribe's Technical Writers' Resource, Mike Unwalla
thoughts about communication, Karen Mardahl
TM&Th Blog, Jean-luc Doumont
Toward Humanity, the Solari Blog, Rich Maggiani
Why Tech Comm, Kristi Leach
Write Techie, Roger Renteria

Nonmember Blogs

A List Apart
Adobe Technical Communication
ComponentOne Community
DITA Writer
Grammar Girl
Kai's Tech Writing Blog
Mike's MadCap Blog
UX Booth
WC3 Blog

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