Recognition Thursday: Fellows and Associate Fellows

It’s that time of year, as STC unveils the best of the best, recognizing our great members and communities for what they’ve done throughout the past year and, in some cases, their entire careers. Today we focus on Fellows and Associate Fellows

An STC Associate Fellow is a Senior Member who has been formally recognized by the Society for having attained distinction in the field of technical communication. The rank of Fellow is the highest honor an STC member can receive and may only be awarded to Associate Fellows who have continued to excel in the field of technical communication. STC Fellows contribute to the profession and the Society at the highest level, as indicated by their publications, presentations, awards, mentoring, leadership, and community service. Click the link above to learn more about each honor. Each of the below people will be celebrated at the Honors Banquet, held on Tuesday, 22 May, during the STC Summit in Rosemont, IL.

Congratulations to all, and keep watching STC’s Notebook every Thursday in March for more recognition announcements!

Associate Fellows Fellows
Bernard Aschwanden  DJ Cline
Pam Brewer Charles Fisher
Ann Grove Helen M. Grady
John Kohl Jeff Haas
Nathaniel Lim Deborah Lockwood
Janette Lynch Michael Markley
Lori Meyer Patricia Moell
Linda Roberts Lisa Pappas
Heather Sommerville  

7 thoughts on “Recognition Thursday: Fellows and Associate Fellows”

  1. I am simply delighted about receiving this honor! I’m very much looking forward to the conference, including the awards banquet.

  2. I’d like to add my congratulations here! Hope to see you all in Rosemont!

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