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Get Certified!

How do job seekers set themselves apart from the competition? With a CPTC certification!

Professional certifications demand a robust understanding of the knowledge and specialized skills that are necessary to perform with a high degree of competence in a field. Additional annual requirements for training or practice ensure currency of skill and knowledge of new developments in that field. In every profession, professional certification helps employee, employer, and the consumer.

  • The Foundation Certification focuses on knowledge of the field. To achieve the Certified Professional Technical Communicator (CPTC) – Foundational designation, applicants demonstrate knowledge and understanding of best practices in technical communication by passing a test. This is the first step in the CPTC ladder.
  • The Practitioner Certification will demonstrate mastery of applying best practices and leading others in their use. The achievement of the Certified Professional Technical Communicator (CPTC)– Practitioner designation will be achieved by passing a test. Practitioner candidates must have Foundation Certification.
  • Coming soon: The Expert Certification requirements will require a set of work products and expert interviews. (Those who achieved the Certified Professional Technical Communicator designation in 2012-2014 have been awarded the Certified Professional Technical Communicator Expert certification.)

“The CPTC certification was evidence that I had the credentials, and my active membership with STC was evidence that I was serious about my career. I got the job. My salary is $20,000 more than I was previously making and I have an office, not a cubicle with three walls, where my CPTC certificate prominently hangs.”

-David Dick, STC Fellow

Learn more at www.stc.org/certification.

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