January/February 2023 Society Pages

STC Is Going Platinum

STC is turning 70! To celebrate, the Society will offer webinars and archival Intercom articles, host special events, and have an anniversary celebration at the 2023 STC Summit in Atlanta, GA in May 2023!

A Brief History

In the United States, two organizations concerned with improving the practice of technical communication were founded on the East Coast in 1953: the Society of Technical Writers and the Association of Technical Writers and Editors. These organizations merged in 1957 to form the Society of Technical Writers and Editors (STWE).

STWE merged with the Technical Publishing Society in 1960 in an effort to extend the organization’s size and reach. It was via this merger that the Society of Technical Writers and Publishers was born. Over the next 11 years, the organization flourished, continuing to grow and expand its membership. In 1971, the organization changed its name to the Society for Technical Communication.

For more information, visit: https://www.stc.org/about-stc/stc-70th-anniversary

Miss Tech Comm Week? No Worries

2023’s Tech Comm week ran from 30 January–3 February 2023, with a litany of presentations and options available for attendees.

If you were unable to attend, don’t fret! You can receive access to both 2023’s and 2022’s Tech Comm week, as well as special access to Intercom and Technical Communication.

At a Glance

Some 2023 presentations include:

  • CPTC Certification Open House with Dr. Craig Baehr and CEO Liz Pohland.
  • Live presentation overview of the certification program and participant Q&A session.
  • Certificates, Certification, and Academic Degrees Panel Discussion

o  STC shows the recording of last year’s panel discussion, and welcomes back Craig Baehr and Susan Lang for a new, live Q&A discussion about this important topic!

  • Language Matters: A 35-Year Pogue Rant

o  Tech writer (New York Times, Missing Manual), TV Host (CBS Sunday Morning, NOVA), podcaster (Unsung Science), TED speaker, novelist, and climate-change expert David Pogue recounts his evolution, learnings, and tips as an explainer.

Additional resources include

  • Complimentary issue of Intercom: “Maximize Your Career Potential”
  • Complimentary issue of Technical Communication: “Storytelling in Technical Communication”
  • Access to 2022’s Tech Comm week

Visit https://www.stc.org/membership/tech-comm-week-2023/ to access the week's events and contents.

STC Election Season Is Underway

The 2022-2023 STC Nominating Committee is pleased to announce the preliminary slate of candidates for the 2023 STC election! The Committee received many nominations this year from members despite a challenging year, and one in which many nominees found it difficult to accept the opportunity due to a number of professional and personal factors. However, throughout this vetted process, and from the applications received, a strong core of candidates was interviewed and put forth for consideration for the upcoming 2023 STC Election.

Congratulations to the candidates, and thanks to all STC members who expressed interest in running for office.

President (Automatically succeeds from the office of Vice President)

  • Timothy Esposito

Vice President (one candidate for one position; three-year commitment)

  • Elizabeth (Liz) Herman

Treasurer (Two-year term)

  • Roberta (Bobbi) Werner

Director (four candidates for two positions; two-year term)

  • Guiseppe Getto
  • Jennifer Goode
  • Sree Pattabiraman
  • Jamye Sagan

Nominating Committee (three candidates for two positions; two-year term)

  • Rachel Houghton
  • Zohra Mutabanna
  • Sean Stevenson

Additional candidates for the Nominating Committee and the positions of Director, Treasurer, and Vice President may be nominated by petition of five percent of the voting members of the total membership as of 31 August 2022. Candidates who seek nomination by petition must identify themselves to the Nominating Committee by 28 February 2023. Please review STC’s current Society bylaws for full information about nominations by petition.

The 2023 STC election is scheduled to open in March. To be eligible to vote, members must have paid their dues by 31 January of the election year. Renew now to vote! All eligible members will receive an email from a third-party vendor to vote.

Note that the preliminary slate was prepared in accordance with the current Society bylaws. The final slate for the 2023 election will include candidates appearing on the preliminary slate as well as any qualified individuals who are properly nominated by petition and approved by the Board of Directors.

Visit https://www.stc.org/elections/ for more information on the election.