Stacey O'Donnell, STC's wonderful and always-smiling Membership Development Manager, has been hard at work the past few months with many Summit duties. It takes months and months of effort to pull the conference off, and Stacey is one of the front-line soldiers exerting that effort. One of her major conference-related duties is selling exhibit booths for the Expo. Having exhibitors at the conference is a benefit for attendees, and we strive to get the best exhibitors we can. Stacey's been doing a great job selling those booths, and as of yesterday, 18 March, there are only two booths remaining for the 2010 STC Summit! If your company is considering exhibiting at the Summit, then, time is running out. This will be the first time STC has sold all exhibit booths for the Summit, so great job Stacey. For exhibitor information, check out STC's conference website, where we have contact information for Stacey, an up-to-date floor plan with sold and available booths, a list of exhibitors, and some pretty cool sponsorship opportunities as well! We're still looking for Sponsors in addition to exhibitors, so check it out. Finally, the Consultants Corner returns this year as well, with tables for independent consultants to share information on what they do and who they can do it for. It's affordable space for the little guy! Check out the details and sign up.

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  1. Ev Larsen

    The Preliminary Program blurb on the Conference site confirms approx. 60 sessions. However, the Preliminary Program itself lists almost twice as many (117 by my count). Is either of these numbers relevant?

  2. Alan Houser

    Hi Ev,

    I’m pleased to learn that you are following the STC Summit program.

    The “60 session” figure (likely at is conservative and a bit dated. All sessions listed on the STC Summit Live Learning Center ( are confirmed. I presume this is your source for the “117” figure.

    How did we get from 60 to 117? The Live Learning Center includes all educational programming, including advanced institutes, vendor-sponsored sessions, and pre-conference certificate sessions and workshops. STC staff has been adding sessions to the Live Learning Center as they are confirmed. At this time, the STC Summit program is final.

    -Alan Houser
    Conference Manager, 2010 STC Summit

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