Many technical communicators are hard-put to keep up with the daily grind, let alone have time to look into emerging technologies. Neil Perlin's “Beyond the Bleeding Edge,” which debuted at the 1999 annual conference, addresses this by presenting summaries of technologies and methodologies that are too new or unusual to make it into traditional Summit sessions. After a three-year hiatus, “Beyond the Bleeding Edge” is back at the 2010 Summit with three new bleeding-edge topics. (1) iPhone, iPad, Android: A Quick Intro to Developing UA for Mobile Apps. Joe Welinske, WritersUA (2) Re-purposing Software You Already Have—An Example Using Mimic. Gretchen Hambright (3) Search Engine Optimization: My Life with Spiders. Robert Armstrong See the conference website for the full descriptions. Then join Neil and the presenters on Wednesday, 5 May, from 8:00-9:15 AM in Dallas!

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Reminder: 2020 Summit Call for Proposals Closes 30 September
The 2020 Summit Call for Proposals Is Now Open!

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