As stated the other day, I’ll be attempting to blog here periodically during the Summit. My duties are varied during the conference, but I hope to be able to put up at least one post per day about what’s happening, what I’m seeing, and other notable events and people at Summit. But please be patient with me, as other priorities may come up that preclude me from posting as much as I’d like to. If there are any special requests, comment below and I’ll see what information I can provide. In the meantime, though, don’t forget that there will be a Twitter widget on the conference website to view tweets to the hashtag #stc10. All attendees are invited to tweet to that hashtag throughout. We also have ScribbleLive set up for bloggers from the conference and for other members to read and get a taste of the Summit. You can find all the ScribbleLive links, plus links to iPhone apps, on the Social Media page of the conference site.

Consider reading these posts.

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The 2020 Summit Call for Proposals Is Now Open!
Photo credit: Tiffany Von Arnim
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