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STC Unveils New Member-Centered Ad Campaign

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If you’ve been on STC.org lately, you may have seen a face you recognized in one of the banner ads. STC recently unveiled a new member-centric ad campaign, with testimonials from members talking about the value of the Society, and we’re rotating them on the website.

On that first banner, then, you may have seen the smiling face of John Hedtke, talking about the jobs and contracts networking within STC has brought him; of Tom Milligan, talking about what STC has meant throughout his career; of Blythe Brown, who found his first job out of college through someone he met at a chapter event; and of Donte Ormsby, who says he learns something new each year with STC that keeps him ahead of the competition.

We’ve also created print ads for Hedtke, Milligan, Brown, and Ormsby, and plan to use them in Technical Communication, Intercom, and perhaps outside publications as well. These print ads have a longer testimonial explaining in more detail how the individuals have benefited from membership in STC. And in the coming months, we’ll also have a couple ads focusing on the STC Summit and the benefits that can come from attending STC’s annual conference.

Do you have a similar story? Would you like to be part of this new campaign? If so, please email Your Friendly Neighborhood Blogger with the details. Whether it’s networking that helps you find a job, education that helps you advance your career, professional development at the Summit that lets you take your next step, or any other benefit you’ve gained from your membership, we’d love to hear about it. Share your powerful story with other members and help tell the world the value of STC membership.