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STC and AIIP Partner on Joint Entrepreneur Webinar Series

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STC has partnered with AIIP, the Association of Independent Information Professionals, to develop a joint recorded webinar series with entrepreneurs in mind. Drawing on the expertise from both associations, The Professional Development for Entrepreneurs webinar series gives practical advice and tips on how to branch out on your own.

This series of six webinars is available to both STC and AIIP members and is organized to help independent information professionals start and grow their own businesses. The webinars are grouped into categories including starting your business, tools for attracting clients, and tools for staying successful.

This collection is only the starting point of this collaboration, and more webinars will be added as they are developed. To learn more or take advantage of the webinar recordings, visit: http://aiip.org/AIIP-STC-webinars.

Still interested in learning more about owning your own business? Consider attending AIIP’s annual conference, where STC members can register at the AIIP member rate.

  • Check out the AIIP Conference Schedule http://aiip.org/Conference/Detailed-Schedule to see what the event is all about.
  • Read more about their featured speaker Bill Brewer, speaking on “Flawless Consulting”:
  • Register for a free informational webinar on 10 February to discover whether or not this conference is right for you.

STC and AIIP have a joint partnership agreement and will continue to offer joint services to benefit both memberships.

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  • Ruth E. Thaler-Carter February 3, 2016 at 10:46 AM

    You might want to fix the headline for this post – shouldn’t it be STC, not TC?
    At any rate, I was the STC representative in last week’s STC-AIIP webinar, and it was a very good experience. The two AIIP speakers and I brought different perspectives but similar philosophies to the session, and participants seemed to enjoy and benefit from it – I received several thank-you messages afterward. This looks like a good partnership!

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