Introducing the New STC Fellows and Associate Fellows

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STC is pleased to announce that 11 distinguished members have been named Fellows and Associate Fellows of the Society. They will be recognized at the 2017 STC Summit in Washington, DC.

STC awards the rank of Associate Fellow to Senior Members who have attained distinction in the field of technical communication.

The rank of STC Fellow is conferred upon Associate Fellows who have attained such eminence in the field of technical communication that the Board deems them worthy of being singled out as one of the select few who have distinguished the Society and the profession.

Congratulations to all the honorees, listed below with the preliminary citation. And thank you to both the Fellows Committee (Larry Kunz, George Hayhoe, Jackie Damrau) and the Associate Fellows Committee (Brian Lindgren, Thea Teich, Lisa Cook, Deanne Levander, Mike Markley, De Murr, Carolyn Watt).

Associate Fellows

Stephen Adler

Citation: For dedication to the technical communication profession and sustained, outstanding leadership in his local STC community, which have provided great value to those who work with him.

David Caruso

Citation: For application of content strategy and technical communication best practices in occupational safety and health research, and for dedication and willingness to mentor others at work and in STC.

Joseph Humbert

Citation: For extensive contributions of technical expertise, combined with creativity and business insight, that for many years have made a positive difference for the East Bay Chapter and technical communication in northern California.

Nancy Larbi

Citation: For ease in communicating in international communities in English and French, in-person and remotely, and for dedication to providing the highest standards of technical communication to clients in software technology and international development.

Li-At (Ruttenberg) Rathbun

Citation: For continually encouraging and mentoring technical communicators in best practices and professional development, and for ongoing support to STC communities in providing relevant programs to STC members.

Maralee Sautter

Citation: For enthusiastically promoting the value of technical communication within local and virtual communities, and personal leadership qualities that inspire the professional community and the next generation of technical communicators.

Roberta (Bobbi) Werner

Citation: For dedication to developing STC leaders, enacting continuous improvement processes, flawlessly carrying out new STC initiatives while leading conferences and chapters, and for embodying the spirit of volunteerism as a role model for students.

Ben Woelk

Citation: For passionate support and mentoring of STC leaders and members by modeling servant leadership and developing innovative solutions that strengthen STC communities.


Patrick Lufkin

Citation: For your more than two decades of STC leadership in the Bay Area chapters and the Management SIG, and especially for your work in support of scholarships and communication competitions.

Mark Lewis

Citation: For your tireless devotion, enthusiastically pioneering in content strategy/marketing and DITA; for your knowledge in promoting the profession, and your willingness to work with anyone in the field of technical communication.

Linda Roberts

Citation: For your tireless advocacy for the profession as an author, teacher, and mentor, and especially for your passion for making products and information about them accessible.