Technical communication students are the future leaders of the profession, which is why STC offers a membership level just for current students who are enrolled in at least two courses at a degree-granting institution. This is our most affordable full membership package at just $60 (currently discounted from $75) and offers a host of benefits to help students get a head start in their technical communication careers.

What exactly do you get as a student member? In addition to all of the benefits Classic members enjoy, the most valuable benefit students enjoy is FREE membership in one student chapter, one professional chapter, membership in the academic special interest group (SIG), and in one additional SIG of their choice.

What’s so great about all of these free community memberships? According to our members, one of the main benefits of STC is the networking opportunities it offers. It can be tough to build a professional network while you’re still in school, but with these free community memberships, you can network with your fellow students and academics, with professional members in your geographic area, and with members who are involved in a special topic area of technical communication that interests you.

If you’ve just graduated, don’t worry! We also offer a discounted membership to new technical communication professionals who have graduated within the past three years. For just $128 (currently discounted from $160), you can continue your membership with STC at a cheaper rate while still enjoying all Classic membership benefits.

STC’s Student and New Tech Comm Professional memberships are designed to give students and new professionals the best possible head start to their careers. If you have questions about any of the benefits offered or wish to join STC, please contact or call 1 (703) 522-4114.


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