This entry is being posted on behalf of Kirsty Taylor, candidate for Secretary in the 2018 STC election. More information about Kirsty can be found on her STC election page. You can ask questions of the candidates on the STC Election Forum. The election begins 26 February and runs through 9 March.

Hi! I’m Kirsty, and I’ve been serving you, and our society as Secretary of STC since May 2016. I am looking forward to continuing as Secretary for another two year term.

I’m in an odd position – you don’t actually need to vote for me, as I‘m running unopposed. I hope that you will vote, and you will participate in our Society’s election process. Pop onto the forum— ask questions of the candidates for all of the positions. Read up on us, consider our biographies and the information that we share, and choose which candidates you believe can help take our society into the future. STC is facing challenges, but we also have the opportunity to grow and develop into a professional association of the future.

Even though attending the face-to-face board meetings that occur each year costs me a significant amount of money in travel from Australia, I am committed to STC, and being part of a team who will drives our society forward.

Please vote and participate in our election process!


I’m a content and localization manager for the software group of a large global company, ABB. I live in Brisbane, Australia (about 1,000km/600mi north of Sydney on the eastern coast). I love languages, reading, explaining, travelling, and my family. I’ve been an STC member for over 15 years.




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