Meet the Candidates: Todd DeLuca for STC Director

This entry is being posted on behalf of Todd DeLuca, candidate for Director in the 2018 STC election. More information about Todd can be found on his STC election page. You can ask questions of the candidates on the STC Election Forum. The election begins 26 February and runs through 9 March.

It is a privilege to be on the ballot as a candidate for STC Director. As a longtime volunteer and leader in the organization, I can speak first-hand to the opportunities and value STC affords its diverse members. Being elected as a representative for the Society would be a huge honor and opportunity to give back for the support, encouragement, and experience I’ve gained through service to the community.

As Director I promise to listen to members, consider different points of view, represent varying voices, and bring unique ideas to the Board so that we continue to address the changing needs of members and look ahead to expand our reach and influence.

If elected, I would represent STC members with the following goals in mind:

Member Promotion

Organizations that employ STC members are getting the best of the best, which is a message that I believe STC can more widely promote. STC members invest in their career, which makes us the most qualified, educated, and ethical professionals in the field. We need to consistently spread that word and connect with the recruiters, companies, and organizations who hire STC members.

Community and Volunteer Support 

STC should continue to support our geographic chapters and SIG communities and find ways to assist the volunteers who put a lot of effort into bringing members together and managing programs. We can look to implement shared systems, centralize administrative functions, share best practices, and assist with joint live and virtual programs.

Collaboration and Partnership 

STC should continue to look for  opportunities to partner with other member organizations that our members also belong to or events they attend. These partnerships or collaborations might afford more discounts, joint meetings, or expanded education offerings for both STC and partner organizations.

Engagement and Communication

Transparency to what is happening with STC is important so that members understand the challenges and opportunities the Society faces. I would champion increased reporting of STC Board activity through regular virtual town hall meetings and make it easier to gather member input, suggestions, and commentary in a forum that is more accessible and visible than it is today.

Please take a few moments in the next few weeks to review the choice of candidates in this year’s election and exercise your right to vote. It’s your opportunity to influence the direction of the Society and choose who will represent you in STC. Cheers and thank you for your consideration.

~ Todd DeLuca

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