STC’s 65th annual Technical Communication Summit & Expo, 20-23 May in Orlando, Florida, is packed with incredible and varied education sessions. But what if you want to get your Summit experience started early? STC’s preconference workshops are here for you. Additional rates apply for these invaluable sessions. Here are several of the preconference workshops you can look forward to:

Why not get CPTC certified at the Summit? Accredited trainer Alan Houser will be conducting a CPTC Prep Course and Exam on Sunday, 19 May from 8:30 AM-4:30 PM, and Sunday, 20 May from 8:30 AM-5:00 PM. If you feel prepared to take the exam without the prep course, Alan is also offering attendees the option to take the exam only. All participants in the course and/or exam must register directly with Alan Houser:

Join Jennifer Goode for her preconference workshop, Stop, Collaborate, and Listen: Evaluation is a Valuable Invention for Decision Making! Evaluation is a research-based approach that supports managers and technical communication leaders in valid, reliable, data-driven organizational decision making. In this session, participants learn how create and implement an evaluation plan to address a current challenge in their own organizations. Attendees will also learn how to communicate effectively based on findings from their resources and evaluations. Participants will leave the session with collection of supporting materials to aid in the implementation of their newly drafted evaluation plan, including support for data analysis and communicating evaluation findings among organizational decision makers. This is a full day workshop that takes place Sunday, 20 May, from 8:30 AM-4:30 PM EDT (GMT-4). 

Did you know the ability to adapt to technological changes is a learned skill? Melonie McMichael’s preconference workshop, Technological Adaptability: Building a Technology-Rich Portfolio, will help technical communicators learn to deal with technology quickly and confidently,  regardless of prior technological fluency. A skill that can be learned and taught, most of us are required to demonstrate fluency with technology to excel. When considering the future of the technology we use in our field, we can guarantee it will change—and most likely it will change quickly. Attendees will establish the significance and application of technological adaptability to our field, provide attendees with a common language to discuss technology, and assist individuals in assessing and expanding on their own adaptability skills. This is a full day workshop that takes place Sunday, 20 May, from 8:30 AM-4:30 PM EDT (GMT-4). 


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