STC Election Meet the Candidates
This entry is being posted on behalf of Laura Palmer, candidate for Director in the 2021 STC election.
Laura PalmerI’m very pleased to have the opportunity to run for a second term on the Board of Directors for STC. My first term—from 2019 to 2021—provided me with a valuable introduction to the operations of STC. As a large not-for-profit organization, STC provides wonderful opportunities for its members. From the CPTC program to webinars and more, STC serves as a vital hub for professionals—it’s the place that brings us together no matter the subject area or the technology.

Unequivocally, I can say I’ve enjoyed my two years on the Board and have been very proud to chair the committee for the Frank R. Smith Award for the last several years; additionally, this past year, I chaired the committee in charge of selecting a new editor for the journal, Technical Communication. While certainly some of my work has been highly public and notable, I’ve also been contributing to the success of STC through more regular board member activities. As members, we each make decisions that determine how the organization will manage its resources and move forward strategically and successfully. It’s been a rewarding experience to help STC grow and evolve during these last two years.

One of my interests has always been closing the gap between professionals and academics. But, what I see as significant right now, in 2021, relates to how we bring the next generation of technical communication professionals to STC. College students in technical communication programs usually learn about STC through their classes or professors; early-career practitioners often hear of STC through on-the-job mentors. But, the question I have is as follows: What’s the value proposition for a student becoming a member of STC? I want to continue as a board member with the hopes of addressing this question. Every organization needs to have a growth plan and I’d like to assist STC with creating a pathway for our future members and leaders. Should I be elected for a second term, I hope to pursue this line of enquiry and contribute to STC as a whole.

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