By Pam Noreault, STC Member

Sifting through the great sessions scheduled for the 2022 STC Summit, caused me to give some thought to those that are focused on what’s new, what’s important to know, and how can I implement what I’ve learned. One area within content strategy deserves further consideration and that’s taxonomy.

Taxonomy is an on-going buzz word. The reason is simple. Content fosters learning and understanding. It provides solutions to problems. That said, you have to find the right content when and where you need it. It’s the age-old dilemma. I have a problem to solve and I’m looking for content to solve it. Now, where is it and how do I find it?

Dynamic content delivery enters the room. Dynamic delivery enables users to locate the content they need when and where they need it. How does this happen? It starts with a taxonomy that drives the content served up to the end user. Taxonomy drives categorization, faceted searches, and ultimately, the most relevant content to resolve questions and issues.

Let’s break it down so it’s obvious why Technical Communicators are primed to be involved in taxonomy creation.

What is dynamic delivery? Dynamic delivery is instant access to content on-demand. Content that is accessible and appropriate for the device on which it’s being consumed.

What is a taxonomy? Content taxonomy is applying the principles of classification to content to streamline its discoverability across the web and other digital channels.

Now, Technical Communicators come into this picture. Technical Communicators write fabulous content. As a Technical Communicator, I want my content to be consumed, when and where it’s needed. I sincerely hope that all Technical Communicators feel this way. If this is true, then it only makes sense that Technical Communicators drive the creation and implementation of an enterprise–wide taxonomy. It’s just another area where Technical Communicators can add value to content and to a company’s business objectives.

Give it some thought. It makes sense. At a minimum, Technical Communicators should strive to get a seat at the taxonomy table.

With that said, check out the content management and content delivery sessions at the STC Summit. Taxonomy will certainly be a topic of conversation.

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