Recognition Thursday: Distinguished Community Service Award

If it’s Thursday, it must be Recognition Thursday! Just like Tuesday was Guest Star Day at the old Mickey Mouse Club, Thursdays is Recognition Thursday here at Stately STC Manor. (At least until we’ve finished celebrating them all, that is!)

Last week we highlighted the Communities of Distinction and Communities of Excellence; this week we celebrate the members of our communities who have received a Distinguished Community Service Award. This includes those receiving (click each link to go to the list of that awards honorees):

The three awards recognize an individual’s exemplary effort, energy, and dedication to their community and its activities. The Distinguished Community Service Award is the highest level of recognition that a member can receive for service to their community. Congratulations to all the honorees!

Distinguished Chapter Service Award

Patrick Lufkin
For long and dedicated service to the Berkeley Chapter and to the regional STC activities that the chapter’s continued success depends upon.

MaryKay Grueneberg
In recognition of your many exceptional contributions to STC Chicago and your continued support of the STC organization, chapter, and membership.

East Bay
Helen Cheung
For your wholehearted support and your outstanding leadership of the East Bay Chapter and for your continuing contributions to its success.

Stephanie Donovan
In recognition of your enthusiasm, dedication, loyalty, and selfless contributions to the Houston Chapter.

Northeast Ohio
Sarah Burke
For your outstanding contributions to the Academic Relations committee and your selfless promotion of the All-Ohio STC Scholarship award.

Orange County
Jane Baker
In appreciation and recognition for your exceptional leadership and tireless efforts in bringing meaningful and rewarding programs to the Orange County Chapter.

Orange County
Carrie Chambers
In recognition of the variety of your sustained contributions to the Orange County Chapter and the regional Spotlight Awards competition.

Dalton Hooper
For your faithful and steady support of the Orlando Chapter in so many ways. You are a breath of fresh air, and the Orlando Chapter appreciates your wit and wisdom.

Kelli Pharo
For your sustained, heartfelt contributions to the Orlando Chapter, and for providing an excellent role model to our student members. You make the difficult seem like a piece of cake.

Nad Rosenberg
For your years of distinguished service, prior leadership, and continued generous support of the Philadelphia Metro Chapter.

Gary Sternberg
In recognition of your ongoing contributions to the Philadelphia Metro Chapter as a participant, presenter, and coordinator of the South New Jersey Networking Group.

Katherine Carroll Porray
In recognition of your outstanding service to the Rochester Chapter and council, your contribution to yearly Spectrum conferences, and your positive demeanor and willingness to serve the community whenever a need arises, we commend you.

Rocky Mountain
Kristy Lantz Astry
For your dedicated service to, and leadership of, the Rocky Mountain Chapter, including significant contributions to the newsletter and monthly membership programs, and for consistently striving to bring new members into STC.

Rocky Mountain
John Endicott
For your consistent contributions to the Rocky Mountain Chapter; your willingness to serve as an officer and manager; along with your dependability, wisdom, humor, experience, and technical expertise.

Rocky Mountain
Debbie Peebles (Ross)
For contributions to the Rocky Mountain Chapter, especially your willingness to help, sharing your ideas about welcoming and retaining members, finding qualified candidates in a challenging time, and your positive attitude while completing STC RMC tasks.

Southeastern Michigan
Mark Lockwood
For continued service to the Southeastern Michigan Chapter—for your energy, enthusiasm, and creativity.

Southwestern Ontario
Carol Lawless
For your commitment to the success of the Southwestern Ontario Chapter, for your positive attitude, and for your contributions to the council through your excellent organizational skills and your ability to play devil’s advocate.

Pamela Paterson
For your continual contributions to the Toronto community and your enthusiasm, generosity, and support as a mentor in our profession.

Willamette Valley
Jeff Jansen
In recognition of your gracious acceptance of our abundant questions about mailing lists, your rapid response to all things related to membership and mailing lists, and your continued generous and quiet support of the Willamette Valley Chapter council and members.

Willamette Valley
Susan Kloster
For your steadfast leadership, organizational skills, energetic dedication, and sense of humor as the competition manager and past president of the Willamette Valley Chapter.

Dave Clark
For many years of stalwart Wisconsin Chapter Web development and support.

Linda Verwey
For outstanding leadership of the Wisconsin Chapter as president; past president; vice president, programs; treasurer; and for enthusiasm and dedication to chapter success.

Distinguished SIG Service Award

Consulting and Independent Contracting
Ed Marshall
For continuous dedication in sharing knowledge and supporting members of the Consulting and Independent Contracting SIG via educational talks and the SIG’s listserv, and for providing unwavering assistance to the SIG at the annual conferences.

Instructional Design and Learning
Jeanette Rogers
In recognition of your inspirational leadership, can-do attitude, and deep commitment to the members of the Instructional Design and Learning SIG.

Instructional Design and Learning
Cindy Pao
In recognition of your prompt response to all budgetary questions and reimbursement requests, your cheerful demeanor, and your guardianship over the financial health of the Instructional Design and Learning SIG.

Distinguished Service Award for Students

Sarah Baca
For outstanding service to STC at the University of Central Florida, in the Orlando Chapter, and on the Society’s Community Affairs Committee.

Patricia Cruz
For outstanding service to STC at the University of Central Florida, in the Orlando Chapter, and to the Society’s student member outreach initiative.

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