Who should go to the #STC15 Leadership Program?

The Leadership Program at the STC 2015 Summit http://summit.stc.org/ will be Sunday, June 21st, from 8 am to noon. The program offers an opportunity for STC community members to get together for sharing and learning. The program has a little something for everyone.

Open and free to all STC members

Don’t let the fancy name fool you. The Leadership Program is free and open to all STC members, whether they are officially in community leadership or not. So whether you just signed up yesterday, or are an elected officer in several communities, the Leadership Program is for you. And it’s free.


STC community leaders are invited to come share stories about communities with superpowers. We will have presentations aimed at leaders who are just getting started, and we will have presentations for experienced leaders, too.

Not yet leaders

If you’re not yet a community leader, but you’re thinking about becoming one, we want you to come the the Leadership Program to find out what our leaders do. You’ll hear stories about how great things can be. And frankly, you’ll hear some stories about our struggles and frustrations. Get the straight truth from leaders on the front lines and we’ll help you take a step closer to getting involved.

Followers and supporters

All STC members are invited to attend the Leadership Program to get a behind-the-scenes look at STC. We’ll hear from staff, board members, as well as community leaders. Come to the program and help us celebrate the staff and volunteers that keep our profession running.

Want to know more?

See the growing list of attendees and watch for updates on Lanyrd http://lanyrd.com/2015/stc15/sdhxdz/ and then make plans to join us. Did we mention that it’s free?

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