STC Education Roundup: Effective Communication During Times of Change

School may be out, but Summer’s STC education is just kicking off. Check out the webinars and online courses we have coming up in the month of June.

This week:

As technical communicators, our main goal is to stay relevant. To accomplish this, it is important that we recognize the changes we encounter, assess their communication-related aspects, and adapt our communications quickly and appropriately. In Effective Communication During Times of Change, Simona Lovin provides a framework for evaluating the communication-related impacts of a change, and provides specific techniques for how to adjust our communication content and style to stay on top and maintain relevancy. The webinar will take place on Wednesday, 19 May, at 1:00 PM EDT.
Next week:

Technical communication is an exciting and challenging career that offers unlimited opportunities for professional development. But to succeed, it’s not enough to learn a desktop publishing or help authoring tool – you need to master the analysis process. This is a thinking person’s dream career!

TechComm Fundamentals Bootcamp is the fastest, most efficient way to jump-start your career in technical communication. It covers key theory that you can immediately apply to your work. It also gives you the skills you need to continue to learn and grow. Each element of theory is presented with hands-on exercises, real-world examples, and plenty of discussion. The course is sure to leave you feeling enthusiastic and well-prepared to get started in the field. The course begins Wednesday, 26 June, and runs through 7 August at 11:30 AM EDT.

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