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New this week:
In a new article, “Are Chatbots Taking Over User Assistance?“, Toni reviews business research from the last few years to examine the rate of chatbot adoption and its impact on user assistance. Read it today on STC Roundtable!
Next week:
What is the future of content formats for machine delivery? On Tuesday, 16 July, join Sara Feldman, Fabrice Lacroix, Lois Patterson, and Toni Byrd Ressaire for a panel discussion that aims to answer key questions on the future of content for machine delivery. Register today!
In case you missed it:
Last week in a live webinar, Toni discussed user context and prediction. She looked at some examples of user context, examined the relationship between information and user context, and looked at how current research on context and prediction may be used to drive future technologies. Check out the recording here.

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