Join Us at the Summit to Celebrate STC’s Platinum Anniversary

By Nicky Bleiel

The Society for Technical Communication is celebrating a milestone in 2023 – its first 70 years. The profession of technical communication has been around since roughly 6,000 B.C., which means STC has been successfully shepherding our ever-evolving profession for a tiny fraction of its existence. Our field is always growing and changing, and STC has changed right along with it.

We will be celebrating that history and evolution at the STC Summit in Atlanta (15-17 May, 2023) several ways:

  • At the “STC Platinum Anniversary Colloquy” – in this session (Tuesday, 16 May at 11 am), we will celebrate both the profession and the Society. We’ll take a quick spin through history, but spend the majority of our time celebrating our journeys.
  • The “STC Anniversary Lounge” – The lounge will feature memorabilia, publications, fun facts, and other surprises.
  • A toast to our first 70 years at the Honors Event and Lunch.

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Nicky Bleiel is the Chair of the STC 70th Anniversary Celebration Task Force. She is a Fellow and Past President of STC. In 2022, she was the inaugural recipient of the STC Lifetime Achievement for Excellence in Service.

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